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Pantry Raw Bar

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

In Pantry & Raw Bar your role is to perform routine task and techniques set by the Chef & as followed in our recipes/plating guides. As a pantry cook or raw bar cook you are responsible for, but not limited to, preparing all the cold appetizers, salads, seafood cocktails, charcuterie, preparing oysters, & dessert dishes on the menu. You will participate in food production, cooking methods, timing, procedures to exceed our guest expectations when dining at Prime 141 & overall kitchen cleanliness. MOST IMPORTANTLY TASTING. This position is great for someone who is just starting a career in a restaurant kitchen or someone who wants to further develop their skills in the kitchen. You will be responsible for a station on the line making sure all dishes are done correctly and in a timely manner.



  • Must be at least 17 years of age.

  • Must have 1 years or more experience cooking full-service restaurant serving at least 100 covers or more. Upscale or fine dining is a plus.

  • Food Safety Training Card issued by the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD).

  • Proper knowledge of knife/oyster knife skills & safety is required.

  • Owning your own set of knives/ kitchen bag is a plus.

  • Knowledge on how to shuck an oyster is a plus.

  • Experience with setting up seafood displays are a plus.

  • Experience cooking, preparing, & storing shellfish is a plus.

  • Experience slicing raw fish for sashimi or raw crudo dishes are a plus.

  • Experience slicing, arranging, storing cured meats & cheeses is a plus.

  • Experience using a piping bag is a plus.

  • Must be comfortable and effective with communication on the line.

  • Upbeat Positive attitude and natural social skills.

  • Great and effective communication abilities.

  • Must have a keen eye for details (360-degree vision).

  • Schedule flexibility is a plus.

  • Ability to walk and stand for up to 8 hours at a time.

  • Ability to lift to 35-50 pounds.

·        Must be able to multi-task effectively while maintaining composure.

·        Availability to work evenings and on weekends, including holidays.

·        Must show and maintain a neat and clean appearance, following company guidelines.

·        Excellent organizational skills and cleanliness.




  • Coming to work awake, on time, and ready. Clean uniform, practiced personal hygiene, & washing hands frequently throughout service.

  • Recording inventory of product on your station with Chef.

  • Attending pre-shift and general meetings to be up to date on day-to-day changes and topics of importance for the day. (Prep List, On/Off site catering, & special events).

  • Setting up your workstation, maintain organization & cleanliness before, during, & end of shift

  • TASTING will be a key practice in our day. We will taste product from the prior shift, what we produce that day, and what foods we will be serving that service to our guest.

  • Communicate with fellow members on the line, such as back prep room, hot food line, & expo to time dishes to a table properly.

  • Presenting dishes on time to chef.

  • Following pars for stocking the stations including yours and others.

  • Equipping the line with the proper tools, utensils, & small wares for service.

  • Assisting the station next to you when asked or if they need help.

  • Keeping an eye on plate stocks, that they are chilled and ready for every order.

  • Must remain focused and on task throughout the entire shift.

  • Maintain seafood display with ice & product to maintain visual appeal. Checking frequently throughout service.

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the seafood display, work surfaces, & coolers.

  • Understand and know how to respond to each other in a kitchen. (Saying, “behind” or “corner” when traveling in the kitchen or if pulling out something hot out the oven, you shout “HOT, GOING TO BACK PREP TABLE PLEASE!” to ensure safety & awareness to others.

  • Ensure our Kitchen is clean and up to our standards before, throughout and after the shift.

  • Maintain a clean overall appearance of our kitchen, including line sweeps & dish room, meaning dishes are stacked nicely without being thrown together in a massive pile. Labels removed, and in a trash can, boxes flattened in the back dock, if you see objects on the floor, it either needs to be thrown away if its trash or put in the dish room if it is a dirty fallen utensil.


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